About You

Decorative concrete products have made their way into many new and uncharacteristic segments of architectural and interior design. Over the last decade the fashions in which you the home owner, contractor, architect or designers have acquired the product or quality information on the subject have been uniquely challenging or fragmented.

The foundation of ModaCrete and the creation of ModaCrete’s uniquely designed core of products are a direct result of addressing your needs!

Information you need

ModaCrete UniversityMaking an investment into your home or business is something you want to do with confidence. And confident decisions start with accurate information. ModaCrete understands this as well as how valuable your time is so that is why we developed ModaCrete University (MCU).

MCU is ModaCrete’s collective knowledge on all things concrete. Whether you are after specifications or just a better understanding of how a quality concrete countertop is made, MCU is your one stop information resource. Learn More @ MCU

Quality you should expect

SamplesThere are many aspects in acquiring a concrete countertop in your home or business. Sourcing quality material, installation and services are just a few. Here at ModaCrete we strive to make the best concrete surfaces available. And one of the ways we do that is by working through the kitchen and bath industry. This allows us to focus on providing high quality concrete to industry professionals so you receive the highest level of service and professionalism through your local K&B supplier.

Environmental Statement

Water RecyclingNowadays the care of our environment is more than a fad and steps need to be taken to preserve what we have through our actions and the products we choose to use. ModaCrete is dedicated to providing the highest level of environmentally friendly concrete through both our products and actions.

ModaCrete’s multi use factory utilizes natural day light during the day for operations and our parking lot is scheduled for solar panel covering to help mitigate additional electricity usage. Because of our high water usage we have incorporated full recycling systems to retain and reuse our water for the manufacturing and processing of our concrete.

LightsModaCrete makes green concrete, we also make environmentally friendly concrete. This all starts by taking special consideration in selecting our ingredients. Employing low carbon output cements as well as recycled cement replacements such as fly ash and silica fumes is the core of all of our concrete products. Extending beyond the cement ModaCrete utilizes local and recycled aggregates in collections like our Glacier series which all of the aggregate is recycled glass.