ModaCrete The Company

Modacretemo·da·crete (mōdəˈkrẽtˈ) n.
1. A fusion of fashion, ancient history and natural minerals, solidified with modern engineering.

ModaCrete is an affiliate of Ferazzoli Imports of New England Inc., a regional importer, distributor, fabricator, and retailer of stone, porcelain, and glass which was incorporated in 1988. Its 160,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility consists of a 2 building campus located at Interstate 91 at Exit 20 in Middletown Connecticut.

The beginning

FacilityIf you have shopped for countertops lately you know that there are many options to choose from. Premium choices in surfacing such as natural stones like marble and granite or engineered composites such as resin bonded quartz have dominated due to their beauty and performance. But over the last decade concrete has slowly made its way into the rankings of this premium surfacing category giving consumers yet another option.

It was this growing popularity of concrete that prompted Ferazzoli Imports of New England to ask the question “Could a fashionable concrete slab with competitive performance to other premium surfaces be produced, fabricated and sold through traditional means?” The answer at the time was no!

WarehouseSo in the fall of 2008 an intense effort to produce the highest possible stain and scratch resistant precast concrete slabs began. To accomplish such a challenging feat the company founder personally coordinated the technological development utilizing longtime company personnel, bringing in outside staff with extensive expertise in concrete chemistry and concrete countertop production, as well as cooperating with strategic scientific partners. In 2012 the effort resulted in concrete slabs by ModaCrete that could be fabricated and sold through regional business around the country for use as kitchen countertops and other architectural elements at a performance and aesthetic level that will prove to be a competitive surfacing option for years to come.