ModaCrete R&D

Initial focuses of ModaCrete’s research and development team concentrated on the development and production of a concrete slabs with competitive performance to other premium surfaces that could be fabricated and sold to the consumer through traditional means. But during the development of ModaCrete slabs there were many discoveries that shed light on the untapped potentials of concrete. Because of these discoveries ModaCrete’s R&D itself developed into much more than a resource for new products and designs.

ModaCrete has and will continue to create strategic alliances with leading scholars and chemists in an effort to further explore the possibilities of high performance concrete. Our in house laboratory has successfully prototyped cement based products that exceed 40,000psi compressive and 5000psi flexural in strength rivaling the strength of steel. We welcome any challenges you may have on your project and look forward to exploring the possibilities of solutions we have to offer.


Meet The Researchers

DSC_6083 copy Samantha Hughes

Samantha started as an intern for Modacrete in May 2013, after graduating from Central Connecticut State University magna cum laude with a Bachelors in Science in Biochemistry.  While at Central, she received many awards and honors including departmental honors for Chemistry, and the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award.  She has presented her research nationally and regionally.  She was awarded the Speak Simply Science Award at the national ACS convention in 2013, and best platform presentation at Eastern Colleges Science Conference.  Currently, she is studying for a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.

At Modacrete, she has worked to develop a sealing technology for concrete and other stones.  This sealing technique is and easy to apply process that allows a high amount of stain and etch resistance.  Currently she consults the company and scientist to further their work in sealing technology.

DSC_6084 copy Alex Nesta

Alex started working at Modacrete in the summer of 2014. His is a student at Central Connecticut State University Majoring in Biomolecular Sciences. His minors are Psychology and Chemistry. He presents his research nationally and has won multiple awards for best poster presentation.

He currently is the lead developer for our concrete countertop sealer. Alex is able to use resources from his professors and chemistry classes to better our sealing technology. With those resources, he can apply the latest chemistry advancements into our sealer technology.