ModaCrete Studios

Of humble origins comes the talent that fulfills ModaCrete Studios. It is a place isolated from the constant whine of production equipment in the corner of the facility where innovative designs flourish into reality. The environment is that of empowering, embracing and inspiring the concrete arts. (next paragraph) ModaCrete Studios is the birth place of our unique colors and designs, ranging from slabs to sinks and is responsible for all custom, customer influenced projects.

ModaCrete Studios is the birth place of our sink and furniture lines and is responsible for all custom, customer influenced projects.

Meet the Artisans

Michael R. Cook

Michael R. CookMichael R. Cook is an accomplished artisan of concrete design whose insight, knowledge and custom creations have far surpassed the industries expectations.Early in his career, he apprenticed in Seattle with Cooks Custom Creations (now Absolute Concrete Works) under his brother’s tutelage. Later, he opened his own precast company under the same name in Montana and introduced GFRC to the countertop industry: it was just the beginning.

Working with Cultured Log Systems and Missoula Concrete Construction learning the precast/prestressed industry, concrete ultimately found Cook at the helm of developing decorative, precast products and non-structural GFRC products for concrete log homes, and later developing a mold fabrication shop manufacturing Polyurea, silicone and urethane molds. His works in the industry helped him to patent and begin production on GFRC log siding classified under the UBC AC90.

Concrete designs have been his focus for many years; this led to a position consulting to the GFRC precast market with Nippon Electric Glass, Inc. where he met and exchanged ideas with some of the brightest minds in the industry around the world.

Years after his apprenticeship into concrete design, fabrication and manufacturing, Cook teamed with Arete Development Group LLC to bring the GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) industry into the 21st century. Arete DG is proud to be the first to introduce a college accredited course on the subject of GFRC.

Now Cook has settled in to what he refers to as home as the Chief Operating Officer and R&D Director of ModaCrete Inc. where he is in constant pursuit of developing the world’s highest performing decorative concrete in the world.

Cook’s work and focus is driven by the desire to enhance recognition of the benefits of high quality, high performance decorative concrete.

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Tommy T. Cook (retired and missed)

Tommy T. CookTommy T. Cook has been designing and fabricating concrete countertops as well as decorative and architectural precast concrete products for over 14 years. His use of concrete as an art medium is not only innovative but nationally renowned. After the Co-Founding of Absolute Concrete Works in Seattle Washington (Originally Cooks Custom Creations) Tommy decided to move on and share his vast knowledge by starting Gnomeadic Arts Inc. Gnomeadic Arts allowed Tommy to explore America while offering onsite training and consulting to the precast industry as he traveled to each of his clients around North America in his RV.

Starting in a small artists garage, growing into one of the NW’s premier precasters and now having traveled and trained across North America has put Tommy in a class of talent like no other. The broad range of experience in architectural precast, custom precast, high performance concretes such as GFRC and CSA cements along with molding skills in fabric forming, fiberglass, rubber, foam, clay, plaster, etc. ensure that Tommy T. Cook’s work will not go unnoticed.

Tommy’s passion for concrete is equaled only by his thirst to develop new techniques, continually expand his knowledge and share his creations through the wonderful medium of concrete. Now having teamed up with his brother Michael Cook and ModaCrete Tommy can focus his artistic energy and efforts to show the world the true potentials of concrete.

“I live, breath and sometimes eat concrete. It’s what I do, it’s what I am and it’s what I love.”
Tommy Cook

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