ModaCrete University

Making an investment into your business is something you want to do with confidence. And confident decisions start with accurate information. ModaCrete University understands this as well as how valuable your time is. Here at ModaCrete University we employ real Chemists, real engineers and have a real world understanding of producing concrete countertops and what running a successful business really takes. We've done it, we've refined it and we are here to deliver the products, education and technical support that will prove to be unparalleled in this industry.

Done It

Instructor Michael R. Cook has been successfully producing GFRC countertops and products for over a decade. His expertise in the field has led to patented GFRC products, a position of consulting for the largest AR Glass manufactures in the world, Nippon Electric Glass, development of the first GFRC accredited course, the best surface performance sealers in the industry and the highest performing fabricatable concrete slabs for the stone countertop industry.

Refined it

Over the last four years during the development of ModaCrete's concrete slabs, our team of professionals have discovered, formulated and produced some of the most unique high performance concretes known to man. These formulas, practices and real world countertop industry expertise have been melded into a systematic approach to training that surpasses any other company out there. MCU is sure to bring a whole new experience to the educational process of providing concrete countertop training as well as a very unique perspective to this industry.

Deliver it

MCU's experience, education and understanding of the sciences involved with concrete, the manufacturing processes, and the countertop industry in general are unparalleled. Delivering this information in the real world environment at our facilities cannot be matched.

Our first class:

Producing and selling GFRC countertops for the kitchen

August 22nd and 23rd 2014

Email Mike Cook for further information.